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When searching for a chiropractor in Raleigh, NC, we are the chiropractic and rehab experts. At Raleigh Central Chiropractic & Rehab, we understand true health is a journey and not a destination. We strive to inspire positive change in our patients through exemplary treatment, education, and example. We want our patients to be proactive with their health and active lifestyle, and we encourage them to understand that it’s better to take care of yourself along the way, and ahead of time, rather than letting your body break down, then trying to fix it. Our team wants them to know that keeping a healthy spine and posture leads to a much healthier, and happier life.
Your Posture and mobility are very closely linked to your overall health. We do rehab from head to toe to create a strong and mobile core followed by incorporating wellness to bring the entire body to homeostasis. Our brand of wellness strives to combine proper structure and function of the spine and nervous system with proper diet and nutrition as well as internal function. 

What we offer at Raleigh Central:

We pride ourselves in providing exceptional chiropractic and rehabilitation services.



23 Years of Service as your Raleigh, NC Chiropractor

Expert adjustments, rehab, cold laser therapy and massage therapy in the heart of Glenwood South / Downtown Raleigh. Our top-rated chiropractors, Dr. Michael Ward and Dr. Chad Chisholm specialize in comprehensive solutions using the most advanced chiropractic techniques. We focus on the underlying causes for illness and injury rather than just your symptoms. And, most importantly, we treat you like family.

Testimony from our Raleigh Chiropractic Patients:

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

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"This really is the best chiropractic team. They’re very thorough and use some really good techniques too. Everyone is very nice and friendly. It’s not difficult scheduling a good time for an appointment either."
Steven Corey

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"Amazing office. Dr Chisholm is the best Chiropractor I have ever been to. I have 40 years of searching for a Chiropractor who could address my pain and together we have found it. Thanks Dr C."
Karen Autrey

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Dr. Ward is courteous and knowledgeable of proper care of spine alignment. Highly recommend the care for chiropractic
needs. All staff friendly and easy to work with on your visits.
Chandrea Burch