Physical Rehab For Sports Injuries in Raleigh, NC

Tired of experiencing annoying and achy pain in your shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle, wrist, or foot when playing sports? As healthy and fun as sports can be, they often come with an unwanted injury or two. Thankfully, Raleigh Central Chiropractic and Rehab has a range of special techniques to assist in the relief of chronic or sharp pain of sports injuries, getting you back on track to playing with your friends or teammates. 

No matter the sport, we know the types of movement you’re performing when playing basketball, football, tennis, golf, strength training, and other active exercises. These sports all require chain-like movements from different areas of your body, which could easily be misaligned. One thing to know about extremities is that the nerves, bones, and muscles in your body don’t work in isolation. Instead, everything is interconnected. Therefore, to treat sport-injury pain in the extremities, we look to your entire body for answers, not simply just the area where you’re experiencing pain. You may be surprised that the knee, ankle, or wrist pain you’ve been struggling with for decades is caused by a simple misalignment in the back, neck, or hips.

Sports Medicine & Rehab in Raleigh, NC

The chiropractors at Raleigh Central Chiropractic make targeted adjustments to the spine in order to restore proper nerve flow and provide lasting pain relief. These adjustments are often accompanied by passive and active therapies, including stretches, exercises, ultrasound therapy, and soft tissue massage. Performing such adjustments and other doctor-suggested forms of therapy will have your athletic pain relieved and better than the condition it was in before your visit.